A Challenge to Modi and Appeal to Save Constitution: Bhim Army Picks Up Key Issues at Rally Ahead of LS Polls

The aim of the rally was to throw a challenge at the Modi government, create awareness about anti-Dalit policies and to protest against the burning of copies of constitution.

New Delhi: The paths of Parliament Street in New Delhi turned into an ocean of indigo on Friday as several Bhim Army supporters, conveying their ‘Jai Bhim’ indigo banners, pursued their pioneer Chandrashekhar Azad on motorbikes as a feature of the Bahujan Hunkar rally.

Azad, who was facilitating the rally on the event of the birth commemoration of Kanshi Ram, the organizer of Bahujan Samaj Party, was later captured in Deoband for supposedly damaging the model set of accepted rules by utilizing more than the stipulated number of motorbikes. He became sick not long after subsequent to being kept, and spoke to his supporters to achieve the rally in gigantic numbers.

The point of the rally, which began on Sunday from Saharanpur and finished in New Delhi on Friday, was to toss a test at the Narendra Modi government, make mindfulness about its enemy of Dalit strategies and to challenge the consuming of duplicates of constitution by a periphery amass in Jantar Mantar a year ago.

Vivek Prakash, who joined the rally from Varanasi, conveyed a duplicate of the Constitution along. “Each Indian ought to have been offended when the duplicates of the constitution were singed. This record gives us rights, it is our obligation to ensure it,” he revealed to News 18.

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While hanging tight for Azad to join the rally at Jantar Mantar, the Bahujan artist and convenor, Rahul Nagpali, helped the members to remember the August episode. “This is a similar road where a few people had consumed the duplicates of constitution. In any case, we have the constitution with us, and we will ensure that it achieves each family unit,” He stated, including: “We additionally request that Jantar Mantar be renamed as Samvidhan Marg.”

When Azad arrived, the group welcomed him with the motto, “dekho kaun Aya, Modi tera baap Aya”. He looked unwell and was joined by Sharad Yadav.

“Abused classes are experiencing an intense time. Ambedkar gave us the constitution and what we have is crowd lynching. Chandrasekhar remained against the monstrosities in Saharanpur. On the off chance that Modi and (Amit) Shah return in 2019 decisions, the constitution will be done. Your rights will be diminished,” Yadav cautioned the group as he raised the trademark, ‘Samvidhaan bachana hai,’.

Starting the rally, Azad said he will challenge from a similar seat that PM Modi will challenge from, as different pioneers of the Dalit outfit asked supporters to overcome the Modi government in the Lok Sabha surveys.

Returned to a discourse made by Kanshiram, one of the supporters stated, “Jo bahujan ki baat karega woh dilli se raj karega. Bhim armed force will satisfy the unfulfilled dream of Kanshiram. There is no extent of fellowship between the abused and exploiter. There can’t be a comprehension among Brahman and Chamaar the route there can’t be among pony and grass.”

Afterward, Azad introduced the duplicates of constitution, saying, “We need the Constitution to go to each house. This legislature couldn’t confront the dissenters and attempted each trap to stop us. In any case, we are solid in our purpose and will prevent them from shaping the following government.”

“When I reported my craving to challenge the decisions, Modi reacted to it by washing the feet of our kin,” he stated, including: “I am the voice of Bahujan. On the off chance that I needed to be a government official I would have challenged from the saved seat. Be that as it may, I need to be a test to him, and not play governmental issues. I am thankful to individuals who came here for the birth commemoration of our rehbar (supporter) who told us the best way to frame a gathbandhan.”

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