Here’s What Sophie Turner Really Thinks About ‘Influencer Life’

Sophie Turner is never one to avoid telling us her most genuine musings, and that is absolutely one reason we adore her.

Sophie took to her Instagram Story with a snappy callout of what she alludes to as “influencer life,” and it would seem that she’s…well, she’s not a fan.

“Hello, you folks, only sort of going for my influencer look today,” Turner joked, in a spot-on American intonation. Clad in a weave beanie and what seemed, by all accounts, to be very warm and comfortable garments, she shared her considerations on precisely shouldn’t something be said about influencer culture granulates her riggings.

“Today I simply needed to advance this new powdered stuff that you put in your tea,” she proceeds. “What’s more, fundamentally it makes you poop your minds out and is absolutely outrageously terrible for me to advance young ladies and youngsters all over the place, yet I don’t generally give a fuck since I’m getting paid cash for it.”

Turner clearly isn’t here for any kind of wellness teas, hair sticky bears, or anything of the sort. Yet rather than focusing on a solitary individual, it would seem that she simply doesn’t support of the “influencer” way of life that such a significant number of clients via web-based networking media will in general embrace. Furthermore, to the extent sharing short “tea” cuts with fans, Sophie’s completely known for doing that, and she does it well. It’s hard not to snicker when she goes online with something that is got her confounded or irritated.

Already, Sophie took to online networking to share her scorn over the web’s selection of “sksksksk,” unfit to grasp why it’s utilized as shorthand for chuckling. She likewise had no clue what “VSCO young ladies” were, and made it a point to tell everybody how she felt about it. Hello, she’s Queen of the North, all things considered. She can do that.