It May be Dangerous to Send GIFs on WhatsApp From Your Android Phone

A programmer can assume responsibility for the telephone’s information by running a malevolent code on the gadget.

WhatsApp is in the news for all an inappropriate reasons, after a security analyst has discovered a bug that gives programmers a chance to take gain admittance to your telephone. Android telephones, to be explicit. The helplessness is explicit to how WhatsApp handles GIF picture documents, which WhatsApp clients send easily.

This powerlessness can be utilized by a programmer by basically pushing a GIF document with the malevolent code to an unfortunate casualty’s Android telephone, either through a message or email or even a third-part application. At the point when the WhatsApp client downloads the GIF on their Android telephone and afterward opens it again inside the display on WhatsApp, the code additionally permits a ‘remote code execution’ assault keeps running on the telephone enabling the programmer to access the WhatsApp client’s Android telephone. This has been found by a security scientist called Awakened, a self-depicted technologist and a data security lover. “WhatsApp clients, kindly update to most recent WhatsApp adaptation (2.19.244 or above) to remain safe from this bug,” the post says.

WhatsApp told The Next Web in an explanation that there were no reports of any assaults on clients abusing this weakness, and that “this issue influences the client on the sender side, which means the issue could in principle happen when the client makes a move to send a GIF. The issue would affect their very own gadget.”