Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and Surface Book 2 Firmware Update Causing CPU Issues

The Surface professional vi and therefore the Surface Book a pair of are wedged by this update, and Microsoft is functioning on a fix.

If you own a Microsoft Surface professional vi or a Microsoft Surface Book a pair of, hold off on putting in any new code updates on your devices simply, however. the newest code-free by Microsoft for these 2 computing devices is inflicting vital performance problems, which incorporates strangling of the processor speeds also as Wi-Fi not connecting to 5GHz networks. Complaints have flooded the threads on Reddit. Multiple users square measure coverage that the strangling bug is duration down the processor speeds to as low as 400MHz, and keeps it barred in.

Microsoft has since taken note of the problems that square measure poignant the Surface professional vi and therefore the Surface Book a pair of devices that put in the recent code update. “We square measure responsive to some customers coverage a situation with their Surface Books wherever C.P.U. speeds square measure slowed,” a Microsoft interpreter told TechRepublic. “We square measure quickly operating to handle via a code update.”

It is not in real-time clear what’s inflicting the C.P.U. throttle problems, however one line of thought looks to recommend that associate degree incorrectly designed C.P.U. a flag is incorrectly protection in, that makes the C.P.U. suppose it’s at the thermal limit and desires to clock all the way down to scale back the heating.

If you have already got put in the code update and your Microsoft Surface Book a pair of or Surface professional vi face the strangling issue, you’ll look forward to Microsoft to roll out a fix for the difficulty. within the meanwhile, you may strive multiple workarounds to ascertain that one works for you—unplug and reconnect the charger, amendment the facility Profile (click on the battery icon within the taskbar) and set to High Performance or just restart the machine if nothing works.

If your machine is scuffling with the Wi-Fi bug that doesn’t permit you to attach with 5GHz wireless networks any longer, you’ll get to head to the Device Manager and roll back the Wireless driver from the Properties menu.