After ‘Padmaavat’, Akshay Kumar-Starrer ‘Prithviraj’ Draws Karni Sena’s Ire

The director has assured us that there is no such thing in the movie but we want a written assurance,” he said. Produced by Yashraj Films, “Prithviraj” is based on the life of Rajput ruler Prithviraj Chauhan.

The Karni Sena, which challenged Bollywood film “Padmaavat” over notable realities a year ago, has now solicited the makers from “Prithviraj”, a forthcoming film including Akshay Kumar, not to mess with such realities.

Individuals from the outfit, drove by its national president Mahipal Singh Makrana, arranged a mix at the shooting of the movie in Jamwaramgarh town, close here, on Saturday and asked the executive, Chandra Prakash, to stop the shooting. Prakash guaranteed them that there was no messing with noteworthy realities in the film’s content. Be that as it may, the Karni Sena requested a composed confirmation. Akshay Kumar was not shooting when the Karni Sena individuals organized the dissent on Saturday.

“We had conversations with the executive, Chandra Prakash, in regards to the film’s content today. We revealed to him that no messing with noteworthy realities will be endured,” Makrana said on Monday. “Prithviraj Chauhan ought not be depicted as a sweetheart in the film. The executive has guaranteed us that there is nothing of the sort in the film yet we need a composed affirmation,” he said. Created by Yashraj Films, “Prithviraj” depends on the life of Rajput ruler Prithviraj Chauhan.