Anupama Parameswaran’s Facebook Account Hacked, She Lashes Out at Trolls for Morphed Images

South Indian beauty Anupama Parameswaran recently lost her cool after her Facebook account was hacked and her morphed pictures went viral. The hackers used her edited pictures, leaving the southern actress angry and irritated.

Posting the morphed images on Facebook, Anupama slammed trolls for committing the cybercrime. She also questioned how much free time these people have to engage in such activities.

“For all the creeps who find time for all this nonsense…. don’t you have mom or sister at home?????? Use your brain to do something productive and not for all these stupidity ……. just wanted to clarify…,” she wrote in a post shared on April 9.

The morphed pictures show the actress’s head cropped and pasted over the picture of another girl whose navel is clearly visible.

The actress also informed her fans about her account being hacked. “Some idiot has hacked my account….. just alerting,” she revealed.