Christopher Kane launches craft kits so you can make your own face mask at home

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is resulting in a difficult time for people all over the world, and particularly for those working in the healthcare sector and other frontline services. While the virus presents anxieties for our most vulnerable members of society, some businesses are rising to the challenge, and contributing in their own, unique ways, including Christopher Kane, who today launched an inspired new initiative.

The British fashion brand has put together a new campaign which will allow people to make their very own cloth face masks by providing them with a free craft pack, which contains recycled, past-season materials from the London Fashion Week brand’s collections. This initiative aims to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 for those wearing the masks, but also increase the availability of medical-grade face masks, allowing these to be left for those who need them most.

“Instead of buying medical supplies needed by our NHS and care workers… email art.dept@christopherkane.com (with your full name and UK postal address) to receive a free craft pack and make your own face mask from past-season fabrics at home, while supplies last,” the brand explained on Instagram.

This campaign is yet another example of how businesses from sectors which don’t obviously lend themselves to pandemic response can contribute and support our National Health Service in times of crisis. By making your own mask using the Christopher Kane recycled materials, you are not only passing free time (which the lockdown has afforded us in overabundance) in a fun and creative way, but you are helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to support the workers whose actions are saving thousands.