8 Dead, 200 in Hospital After Major Gas Leaked In Chemical Co,Situaded in Visakhapatnam

The styrene gas leak has reportedly spread over a radius of about three kms, affecting at least five villages. Styrene is a neuro-toxin & inhalation leads to immobilisation and eventual death in ten minutes #VizagGasLeak.

A massive gas leak at the LG Polymers chemical plant in Visakhapatnam has left at least 8 dead and thousands of locals affected. The leak took place around 2.30 am in the night and the gas spread over nearby villages.

The Centre has pressed the NDMA and other forces into action to assist the Andhra Pradesh government. PM Narendra Modi spoke to CM Jaganmohan Reddy about the Visakhapatnam gas leak.

Developments from the gas leak:

Villages in five-kilometre radius of the chemical plant have been evacuated since morning as scores of people were seen being rushed to hospitals with complaints of vomiting, breathing problems and headache. Visakhapatnam district Joint Collector Venugopal Reddy said people from RR Venkatapuram village have been fully evacuated and shifted to other places.

Early morning visuals that surfaced from the gas leak site showed people lying unconscious on the roads near the chemical plant in RR Venkatapuram village under Gopalapatnam limits. Horrific videos and photographs from the incident poured into social media showing people lying in drains and on roads, some who fell off their motorbikes after inhaling the toxic industrial gas.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called a meeting of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and also spoke to Andhra CM Jaganmohan Reddy to assure Centre’s support.

Andhra Pradesh Industries Minister MG Reddy has said the government pull up the management of LG Polymers chemical plant. He has said, “The company managing the LG Polymers plant has to be responsible for the gas leak. They will have to come and explain exactly what all protocols were followed, and what all were not followed. Accordingly, criminal action will be taken against them.”

Reports suggested the vapour leak occurred in the early hours of Thursday when some workers of the plant were preparing for the re-opening of the unit following easing of the ongoing coronavirus lockdown.

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