Govt Raises Excise Duty on Petrol, Diesel by Rs 3 Per Litre, Set to Garner About Rs 39,000 Crore

Special excise duty on petrol was hiked by Rs 2 to Rs 8 per litre in case of petrol and to Rs 4 in case of diesel.

New Delhi: The legislature on Saturday climbed extract obligation on petroleum and diesel by a lofty Rs 3 for each liter each to accumulate about Rs 39,000 crore extra income as it rehashed its 2014-15 demonstration of not passing on gains emerging from droop in universal oil costs.

Retail costs of petroleum and diesel won’t be affected by the duty changes as state-possessed oil firms balanced them against the ongoing fall in oil costs and the reasonable pattern sooner rather than later, industry authorities said.

As per a notice gave by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, exceptional extract obligation on petroleum was climbed by Rs 2 to Rs 8 for every liter if there should be an occurrence of oil and to Rs 4 a liter from Rs 2 in the event of diesel.

Moreover, street cess was raised by Re 1 for every liter each on oil and diesel to Rs 10.

With this, the all out occurrence of extract obligation on oil has ascended to Rs 22.98 per liter and that on diesel to Rs 18.83.

The expense on oil was Rs 9.48 per liter when the Modi government got down to business in 2014 and that on diesel was Rs 3.56 a liter.

Authorities said the expansion in extract obligation will bring about yearly increment of government incomes by about Rs 39,000 crore. The increases during the staying three weeks of the current monetary would be not as much as Rs 2,000 crore.

Oil and diesel costs, which are changed every day, were cut by 13 paise and 16 paise individually as oil organizations balanced the extract obligation climb against the drop in costs that warrants from universal rates drooping the most since the Gulf war.

Petroleum presently cost Rs 69.87 a liter in Delhi and a liter of diesel seeks Rs 62.58.

The legislature had between November 2014 and January 2016 raised extract obligation on petroleum and diesel on nine events to remove gains emerging from diving worldwide oil costs.

On the whole, obligation on petroleum rate was climbed by Rs 11.77 per liter and that on diesel by 13.47 a liter in those 15 months that helped government’s extract mop up more than twofold to Rs 2,42,000 crore in 2016-17 from Rs 99,000 crore in 2014-15.

It cut extract obligation by Rs 2 in October 2017 and by Rs 1.50 every year later. Be that as it may, it raised extract obligation by Rs 2 for each liter in July 2019.

Government sources said that while the advantage of decrease of rough costs in the principal quarter of this current year has essentially gone to the shopper, the Center has made this stride of expanding obligation to bring some income up in perspective on a tight monetary circumstance. This would help in creating the assets for advancement of foundation and other formative things of consumption, they said.

Benchmark unrefined petroleum costs have divided since January to $32 per barrel. In a state of harmony with this, the costs of petroleum and diesel have likewise descended by more than Rs 6 for every liter (from Rs 76.01 a liter on January 11, 2020 to Rs 69.87 a liter on March 14 for oil, and from Rs 69.17 to Rs 62.58 for diesel during a similar period in Delhi).

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