Kim Jong-un Sends Putin Letter in Outreach Amid Coronavirus Crisis

North Korea says leader Kim Jong-un sent a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on the 75th anniversary of the allied victory in World War II and wishing Russia success in fighting its coronavirus outbreak.

Compliment him on the 75th commemoration of the associated triumph in World War II and wishing Russia accomplishment in battling its coronavirus flare-up.

The report by Pyongyang’s authentic Korean Central News Agency on Saturday came a day after it revealed Kim sent an individual message to Chinese President Xi Jinping to applaud what he portrayed as China’s achievement in getting its COVID-19 pestilence leveled out.

A few specialists state the North could heighten its political effort to neighbors, especially China, as it looks for financial assistance in the wake of shutting its fringe for quite a long time to battle off the infection.

KCNA says Kim’s message “truly wished the president and individuals of Russia sure triumph in their battle to fabricate an incredible Russia via conveying forward the custom of the extraordinary triumph in the war and to forestall the spread of the novel coronavirus contamination.”