Pune Doctor Sues Hospital Over Dues Worth Rs 39 Lakh

Dr Anupama Mane, a cancer surgeon, has accused a Bhosri-based hospital of swindling lakhs from her through her medical services, monetary help

Occurrences where specialists have been blamed for fleecing and cheating patients have been accounted for frequently, however an episode of specialists purportedly tricking individual experts of lakhs of rupees has been as of late revealed from Pune’s Bhosri district. The top managerial staff of Sant Dnyaneshwar Hospital — Vidyadhar Sarfare, Anjali Sarfare, Dipali Chinchole and Malvika Mal — has been blamed for cheating Dr Anupama Mane, a Pune-based specialist, to the tune of Rs 39 lakh, alongside some other Pune-based specialists. A FIR right now as of late recorded by Mane at the Bhosri police headquarters.

Dr Mane, a malignant growth specialist, filled in as an advisor and specialist at the medical clinic from 2003 till around 2017. While Sarfare is the leader of the clinic’s board, his significant other Anjali is the secretary, and Chinchole the treasurer. “While I got my installment on time prior, they started deferring it later. I would get my installment once in a few months,” Dr Mane told early afternoon.

Supported Hospital Monetarily

Around a similar time, the clinic and the clinical establishment running it were purportedly confronting a reserve crunch and Dr Mane was drawn closer for help. As she didn’t need the medical clinic to close down, Dr Mane gave budgetary help with portions. “I gave an aggregate of Rs 24 lakh to the medical clinic as help,” she stated, including this was done however a portion of her counsel and medical procedure expenses — over R15 lakh — that were all the while pending with the emergency clinic.

A gathering was brought right now the emergency clinic board in August 2017 when Dr Mane introduced her case.

“The old directorate requested that I present my pending bills to the new board, alongside some different specialists who too had a few duty. An arrangement right now additionally marked between the old and new top managerial staff. In any case, the new board that assumed control over the emergency clinic, stayed away forever any cash,” the specialist claimed.

Rather, Dr Mane was informed that she would be made the chief of the emergency clinic’s malignant growth office. “Be that as it may, I was neither made the executive nor was my cash returned by the new group of Sarfare and Chinchole,” Dr Mane claimed.

Different Doctors Cry Foul

Dr Swapnil Bhalgat, a city-based orthopedic, said that he has around R15 lakh stayed with the medical clinic. “It was nearly the start of my profession when I worked for the emergency clinic and had a terrible encounter,” said Dr Bhalgat, who filled in as an advisor at Sant Dnyaneshwar Hospital from around 2011 to 2016. He also said that he would get his installments normally at first however the new body, which took over around 2014, has “misdirected us.”

“I have around Rs 3 to Rs 4 lakh pending levy with the clinic and have been battling to get my well deserved cash,” said Dr Payal Mehta, a radiologist, who worked at the Bhosri-based medical clinic during a similar period.

Blamed On Anticipatory Bail

A case has been enlisted at the Bhosri police headquarters under Sections 418 (cheating), 420 (deceptive nature) and 34 (basic aim) of the Indian Penal Code. “The blamed have applied for expectant bail and further examination in the issue is on,” said Sub-Inspector Aniruddha Sawarde of Bhosri police headquarters. While denounced Dipali Chinchole wouldn’t remark on the issue, the other charged stayed inaccessible for input.

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