Special Trains to Carry Migrants Back to the Native States

 India has decided to extend the ongoing nationwide lockdown beyond May 3 for two more weeks till May 17 while allowing different sets of relaxations in red, orange and green zones. Also, a special train for migrants will carry a total of 1,240 passengers will travel from Jaipur to Bihar on Saturday. Reportedly, five more trains will be arranged to take back migrants to their native states. On Friday, the number of confirmed cases in the country surged past 35,300 and death toll touched 1,152.

Meanwhile, amid questions raised by the US on the nature of the novel coronavirus, the WHO, in a statement, said that the health body is “assured that this virus is natural in origin”. China, which faced the brunt over its handling of the pandemic, reported just one new Covid-19 case on May 1. Moreover, the death toll from Covid-19 in France rose by 218 to 24,594, while in the UK, the death toll reached 27,510. Follow Indiatoday.in for the latest news on coronavirus.

The Centre of Friday allowed stranded people across India to be transported back home using special trains and ships. The first special train ferrying over 1,200 stranded migrant labourers from Telangana to Jharkhand reached its destination Hatia Friday night, from where the state government would take them to their respective districts in sanitised buses, following Covid-19 protocols.

The train starting from Lingampally in Telangana to Hatia is the first one run by the railways since its services were suspended due to the nationwide lockdown.

Moreover, a special train carrying a total of 1,240 passengers from Jaipur will reach Danapur in Bihar on Saturday. Also, five more special trains for migrant labourers will run today, including two from Kochi and one from Thiruvananthapuram.