The New Day reveal who should induct them into the WWE Hall of Fame

  • Vince McMahon guaranteed that the New Day are future WWE Hall of Famers
  • The New Day want their biggest WWE rivals to do the honours.


Modified 24 Jun 2020, 05:08 IST

The New Day are clear about what they want
The New Day are clear about what they want

The recent edition of The New Day: Feel The Power had Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods discussing their Hall of Fame induction in the future. It was recently noted that Vince McMahon himself said that The New Day are the future WWE Hall of Famers and the multi-time Tag Team Champions have an inductee in their mind.

During the episode, The New Day were asked about who would be the one that should get to induct them into the WWE Hall of Fame when their time comes. WWE Superstar Big E answered the question and stated that he would like to go with The Usos for the same. He noted that The Usos have been the biggest rivals of The New Day and they would be perfect for the ceremony.

Talking about their guaranteed induction to the WWE Hall of Fame, Big E said,

“Mmmm… I would say Usos. I’m going to go with Usos. They are our greatest rivals [to] date. Well, we’re already guaranteed in. He who shall not be named said it on TV a year ago! I remember he said we would go in the [WWE] Hall Of Fame. I don’t remember every aspect of it, but he guaranteed us in.”

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods on WWE Hall of Fame

WWE Superstar Xavier Woods, who is currently recovering from an injury, agreed that they would like The Usos to induct them in the WWE Hall of Fame. He also went on to say that him and Big E would go on together whereas Kofi Kigston would be inducted as a solo Superstar.

Recalling Vince McMahon’s comments on the same, Xavier Woods noted,

“[McMahon] said we would go in together and [Kingston is] going to go in solo. Didn’t he? Yeah, he said it on TV, that means it happens. It’s canon. It’s canon.[McMahon] said it! Whatever he says goes! It’s his sandbox!” 

Former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston was also asked to comment on the same but he refused to think so far ahead. Instead, he revealed that he is superstitious and doesn’t want to speculate on Hall of Fame induction until the time comes.

“Oh wow, wow… that’s… yeah, I don’t know. I don’t like to speculate on that. Yeah, maybe. I don’t know. I don’t like to look too, too far ahead like that. We’re still doing it. Do you know what I mean? Who’s to say? We might have just scratched the surface of our abilities, and capabilities, and achievements. I can’t. I’m superstitious, bro. I don’t count chickens.” (h/t WrestlingINC)

The New Day are one of the most decorated teams in the entire WWE history and deserve a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. As Big E noted, it would be poetic if The Usos are chosen as the ones who would get to induct their biggest rivals in the prestigious Hall of Fame of the promotion.

Published 24 Jun 2020, 05:08 IST

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