Unpaid E-Challan? You Better Pay Quick Or Face Legal Action

After a data reveals traffic violators owe Rs 200 crore to Traffic Department, officials intensify efforts to collect the outstanding amount

According to a recently released data from the Traffic Department, traffic violators owe Rs 200 crore to Mumbai traffic police, through unpaid e-challan.

The department has started imposing fines on vehicles found violating traffic rules through e-challans. As soon as anyone is found flouting the traffic norms, the department sends a text message to the violator describing the violations and attaching images as proof. However, as per the data, since 2017, the number of traffic violators has witnessed a steady rise with a majority of them not paying the fine, which has resulted in amount rising to a whopping Rs 200 crore.

Now, in order to recover the outstanding amount, the department has made a list of the violators who have fines of more than Rs 10,000 against their name. The department has handed over the list to RTO offices and also blacklisted the vehicles.

Additional CP of Traffic, Pravin Padwal told mid-day, “We have given the list of vehicles whose penalty amount is more than Rs 10,000, to the RTO. If the vehicle owner approaches the RTO with any work related to selling the vehicle or changing the ownership, the officials will ask the owners to pay the pending e-challan money. Even after this, if the defaulter does not pay the fine, we will take legal action.”

As per the data of unpaid e-challans released by the Mumbai traffic police, there are a total of 15,43,570 unpaid challans for ‘No Parking’ with a fine of Rs 30,87,13,801. While for those caught for speed violations, there are a total of 5,71,810 unpaid challans with pending fine money of Rs 57,18,10,000.

As for bikers riding without a helmet, there are 6,07,355 unpaid challans with fine money amounting to Rs 30,36,78,100.

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