Twitter Fleets: How to get started with new Fleets feature in Twitter

Twitter has started testing its new feature called Fleets in India. It is a new feature similar to Instagram Stories where tweets automatically disappear after 24 hours. There will be no Likes, Retweets, or public replies to these tweets. The new feature, according to the company, is to empower more people to express their thoughts freely as the Fleets posted by can only be viewed in closed space or more precisely people who follow you just like on Instagram.

As already mentioned, the feature is currently under testing and is only available to limited customers for both Android and iOS.

So, if you want to give this new feature a try and wondering how to get started, here’s our step-by-step guide on how to get this feature and start using it.

How to get Fleets feature
To see the Fleets feature you will need to update their Twitter app via respective app stores.

Steps to create a new Fleet


Open Twitter app on your smartphone


Scroll up and tap the avatar on the top left of your profile just like you do for Instagram Stories


A new page will appear with the message “Share a fleeting thought…”, here type the thought or message you want to share with your followers.


Note, you can also add photos and GIFs in your Fleet post.


Tap on the Fleet button to post it.

Steps to view others Fleets


In the Twitter app, scroll up and tap on the avatar of a person of page to see their latest Fleets


Swipe down to scroll through other Feets from the same account


Swipe left or right to jump to view Fleets from other accounts you follow

Steps to delete a Fleet you posted


Tap on your Avatar and swipe up to see your old Fleets


Tap on ‘…’ after the Fleet text


Select Delete Fleet option from the popup menu

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